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Guitar.com/Live is an online show for all things Guitar that includes workshops and classes, performances, live virtual jams, plus virtual exhibits from the world's leading guitar and accessories manufacturers.

Great360Tours.com teamed up with London's Broadwick Agency to craft five virtual exhibits:  Taylor Guitars, Heritage Guitars, PRS Guitars, Ernie Ball and MONO.  The exhibits include 3D renderings of five separate imagined venues and exhibit halls for each vendor, and include a mix of audio and video, info screens, e-commerce, chat and much more.

Working with a talented team of producers and 3D artists, we completed these five exciting projects in less than three weeks.


All About Great360Tours.com

We partner with agencies, schools and business owners to craft exquisite, multimedia-rich virtual tours.  Based in Boulder County, Colorado, we are ready to discuss your project and build from scratch, or partner with your team to help bring your vision to life.  Please reach out today!


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