Animated Hotspot and Callout Builder v.1

Animated Hotspot and Callout Builder v.1

Build custom animated hotspots and callouts using this template for the free verison of Davinci Resolve 16.  Check out our video tutorial and this addendum to the video tutorial. IMPORTANT:  Our video tutorial references as a source for icons; a subscription is NOT included in the purchase price of this template.  Also, although not shown in the tutorial, this template allows you to use full-color transparent PNGs (such a logos); we will be adding an addendum to the tutorial that shows you how.


PLEASE NOTE:  These templates are built with a free version of DaVinci Resolve v16.  You will need to install DaVinci Resolve on your computer and familiarize yourself with it.  You will also need to install a free version of APNG animation software, and familarize yourself with that, too.  Links to both are below.  You should be comfortable following the instructions in our YouTube videos and be an intermediate to advanced computer software user. These products are not intended for novice computer users.  We cannot teach you how to use DaVinci Resolve or APNG software, but you should be able to follow along with our YouTube videos and have a successful experience.


This hotspot and callout template can be used to create beautiful, customized animated hotspots and callouts for your virtual tour and are designed to be used with virtual tour software that supports APNG animation files, such as 3D Vista Virtual Tour Pro (among others).  Change icons, colors, fonts, type and more using an easy-to-use interface, to make each callout your own.


These templates work with and require the free or paid version of DaVinci Resolve v16.2+ software from Blackmagic Design.  This template is a complete DaVinci Resolve Fusion project -- not a macro.  You will use this template and DaVinci Resolve to output a sequence of PNG files that comprise the rendered animations.  With that sequence, you can create an APNG file using another free software product called APNGb (Mac) or APNG Assembler (Windows).  The end result is an APNG file that you can import into your virtual tour software.  This may sound complicated, but it’s not.  Other templates that we will be offering output MP4 files, which can also be imported into supporting virtual tour software.


Our YouTube channel includes easy-to-follow tutorial videos for these and other template products under development.  Please subscribe to our channel to be kept up to date on updates and new releases, and to request support.

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  • Installation & Tutorial

    Installation and use of this template is explained on our YouTube Channel.

  • Note on File Sizes of APNG animations

    The Library hotspot in this video is set to a resolution of 250x250 pixels.  It is a 24 fps animation at 1 second and includes drop shadows of the text and the icon.  When renderded as an APNG file, the size is 511 KB.  This same file, when run through the free utilty TinyPNG at, is compressed to 170 KB, with no discernable loss of quality.  TinyPNG is strongly recommended as a final step in preparing your animations for use in your virutal tour.  This file size could be reduced further by not using drop shadows or soft edge effects, as explained int he tutorial.