Animated Info Screen for Virtual Tours - 3 Photos

Animated Info Screen for Virtual Tours - 3 Photos

See this template in action and learn how to use it on YouTube.


Here's a super flexible visually impressive template when you want to show multiple photos in an animated Info Screen.  Using the free version of Davinci Resolve, this template includes a macro that makes it simple to customize three photos, all type and fonts, and text. The template renders the Info Screen as an MP4 file, which you can project onto any panorama in 3D Vista Virtual Tour Pro. Link to hot spots, other panorama, URLs, or use it with any other action in VTP.   Tons of uses sure to impress your clients!

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  • Change Log

    8/12/2020:  Initial release.

  • Installation & Tutorial

    Installation and use of this template is explained on our YouTube Channel.